Lilianne Steckel

At a very young age I had the benefit of knowing and being inspired by the highly acclaimed Tony Duquette who was a dear friend of my late grandmother, both to whom I owe my career in interior design and love of all things beautiful. 
Navigating Tony's estates with a child’s gaze gave my imagination a bold and fantastical world that has resonated and influenced my perception of what an interior should embrace. Although I strayed stylistically from Tony, I have continued to navigate my path as a designer fondly thinking what colors and patterns he might enjoy.
After receiving a Bachelors degree in Interior Design from San Diego State, I traveled abroad to complete a Master course of Interior Design in Florence, Italy. Taking the opportunity to travel, I was lucky enough to explore many cultures and witness inspiring architecture and design all over the world. 
In addition to working at various design firms in California and in Austin, I held the position of Senior Features and Travel Editor at Standard Magazine. 
Each of these experiences has shaped my personal style: modern with vintage touches, and a love of color-whether it be used to fill a room or to delicately accent a space. I believe that design is a powerful tool that can be used to heighten the joy of every day, and pride myself in creating spaces that make a positive impact on those are in them. Above all, I enjoy collaborating with creative individuals and view each project as an opportunity for inspiration, creative possibilities and meaningful relationships. 

Thanks to Andrea Calo and Knox Photographics for the beautiful photography!